Pool Paints

Acrylic pool paint

Water-based acrylic pool paint has several advantages and special points that have led to their superiority over solvent-based paints. They have the ability to be placed on wet surfaces, and they can also cover pre-painted substrates well. Acrylic pool paint allows you to fill your pool sooner due to the shorter drying time it takes. These colors have a high resistance to sunlight, but their stability and durability, while excellent, is a little lower than solvent-based colors.

Components of acrylic pool paint

Water-based acrylic pool paint consists of a series of dispersed pigments in an acrylic polymer emulsion. In each acrylic pool color, there are three basic and main materials, which include pigments, adhesive materials and solutions (binder) and color carriers (vehicle).
Pigments: are solid granular materials that change the color of solutions. These materials can be natural, synthetic, organic or inorganic.

Pool Paints

Code : 950 White
Code : 960 Blue
This product is based on acrylic and has excellent durability and coverage. Among the features of Ipak Boyakh swimming pool paint, we can mention its insulating properties and the fact that there is no need to empty the water in the pools in winter, and it is completely resistant to freezing.
Advantages :
  • Insulation
  • Durability
  • cover
  • Frost resistant
رنگ استخری ایپک بویاخ
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