Ipak Boyakh paint laboratory, as one of the powerful arms of this company, is a reference for conducting related tests using modern equipment, which works in line with the realization of the major goals of this complex. All the hierarchies, management structure and activities of the laboratory are according to the organizational chart and with the authority set for the employees under the supervision of the senior management of the laboratory, who is responsible for the overall laboratory. The scope of all laboratory activities carried out in the company is in accordance with the approval certificates. It is a laboratory.
IPEK Boyakh Color Laboratory
IPEK Boyakh Color Laboratory
With the aim of meeting the requirements and standards as well as the requirements of legislative bodies and organizations that recognize the laboratory, as well as the requirements of customers and increasing their level of satisfaction by providing quality laboratory services, this laboratory puts the following at the forefront of its performance:
– Employing capable and competent people in the laboratory to ensure the competence of the employees in order to carry out the activities related to the test correctly, accurately and uniformly.
– Developing the range of activities related to testing samples, through conducting studies and purchasing equipment
– Continuous and sustainable improvement in the set of activities and functions of the laboratory and increasing the effectiveness of the management system
– Timely and appropriate follow-up of complaints received from customers
In order to achieve the above, Ipak Boyakh Laboratory has designed its quality management system based on the necessary standards, and the senior management and employees of this laboratory are obliged to provide the necessary resources and facilities to achieve the goals and meet all the standards. and ensure the exchange of necessary information regarding the effectiveness of the management system.
IPEK Boyakh Color Laboratory
With more than 18 years of experience in the production of building and industrial paints, Ipak Boyakh paint company moves in line with the long-term goals of the company, which is to achieve the highest quality and customer satisfaction, using experienced and committed staff.