Facade Paint

There are some points about the painting standards that must be followed in order to do a quality and durable work. In addition, facade painting operators must have sufficient experience and expertise. One of the challenges of facade painting, which increases the quality of work, is knowing the quality colors.

رنگ کناف ایپک بویاخ

Silicone NANO paint

Kenaf special paint is a special product that Ipak Boyakh Company is proud to produce this product for the first time in the country. This is especially suitable for painting plasterboards due to its elasticity and excellent coverage.
Plaster plaster painting
Great coverage

Premium Silicone Facade Paint

With more than 18 years of experience in the production of building and industrial paints, Ipak Boyakh paint company moves in line with the long-term goals of the company, which is to achieve the highest quality and customer satisfaction, using experienced and committed staff.