Decorative Colors

Decorative color is exactly one of those colors that can create a refreshing atmosphere inside the house and provide an attractive environment for work and life. This type of paint, which is a relatively new innovation and has recently been released in the market, has been greatly welcomed by people over time. Since decorative paint is used in all kinds of environments, it is better to have it in your options.

رنگ اکلیل طلایی

golden colors

Code : 580

The golden color of the Maral wreath is composed of the best excellent materials due to the good reflection of light from these materials, attractive and lovely scenes can be created. The quality is acceptable to the consumer.

The Silver Lining

Code : 570

Ipak Boyakh silver paint is produced using the best silver alkyl paste based on long oil alkyd and the best aluminum pigments are used.
The most common use of this product is in the decoration of buildings and pipes, etc
This paint is also used in places where there is high heat, such as steam pipes and boilers, because Ipak Boyakh silver paint can withstand surface heat up to 350 degrees Celsius if it is applied correctly.
Ipak Boyakh silver color has a special place in the beauty of indoor and outdoor spaces and building and decoration design due to the glossiness and excellent pigments of aluminum used in it.
رنگ نقره ای اکلیل Thermal Silver الفضی الحراری

Copper Color

Code : 590

copper color
With more than 18 years of experience in the production of building and industrial paints, Ipak Boyakh paint company moves in line with the long-term goals of the company, which is to achieve the highest quality and customer satisfaction, using experienced and committed staff.