Main Colors

Indeed, the concept of “Main Colors” is one of the most important concepts in color science and the dyeing industry, which is very important in the process of producing and using colors. “Main Colors” is defined as a basic and basic color, by combining and changing it, other colors are produced. More precisely, a mother color is a complete set of primary colors that, by combining them in different proportions, create all possible colors.

The mother color has a very high coloring and it can be added with different percentages to plastic colors and semi-plastic colors and achieve the desired color. Ipak Boyakh plastic color mother is a new product in the field of painting and decoration, which consists of a combination of plastic materials and quality colors. This color mother has the ability to create color and change the appearance of plastic and semi-plastic colors with white color for use on surfaces and is known as an effective tool in achieving spaces with desired color and design.

رنگ مادر پلاستیک ایپک بویاخ

Main Plastic Color

Ipak Boyakh plastic main colors are produced using vinyl resin, which is one of the best pigments for maximum coloring. This product is designed so that it can be easily used in both plastic and acrylic paints.

Main Colors of semi-plastic

Ipak Boyakh Main Colors of semi-plastic
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Painting the building with the right color is one of the most challenging issues. In this situation, it sometimes happens that a color range of acrylic and plastic colors is needed, which is not available in the market. In this case, the desired color must be created manually. In other words, to produce the desired color spectrum, different colors must be combined using the main color to achieve the desired color shade.

Main Oil Colors

Main Oil Color Ipak Boyakh oil paints are produced from the best pigments and alkyd resin.
Unlike many manufacturers, Ipak Boyakh company does not use ink pigments and uses coating pigments to add color to its colors. The biggest advantage of these products is their long-term durability without fading.
Color stability has always been an important concern for color consumers
Example: When you use a red color in front of the sunlight, after a while you realize that this color has turned pink, which is a major and expensive problem.
For this reason, Ipak Boyakh company uses coating pigments that are among the top 3 companies in terms of color and durability.
All the main colors and 22+ other colors are produced in Ipak Boyakh Company in the form of glossy, matte and semi-matte, and are available from 250 grams per quarter to half a kilo, 4 kilos, 4 kilos, and 20 kilos of Aleppo.
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With more than 18 years of experience in the production of building and industrial paints, Ipak Boyakh paint company moves in line with the long-term goals of the company, which is to achieve the highest quality and customer satisfaction, using experienced and committed staff.