Lining Colors, Curbs and Sheds

White stainless steel

Ipec Boyach white anti-rust is prepared using iron oxide and the best resins are used to make it last as long as possible. Due to its white color, this product has many fans among painters and can satisfy the tastes of those who do not want to use ocher or gray stainless steel.
ضد زنگ سفید White stainless steel الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ الأبيض

Paints for Curbs

Code : 420

Curb covering paints are called high covering paints too and are used to cover concrete and plaster curbs and metal surfaces. These paints are economical and is suitable for quick uses and are widely used to paint urban elements.
رنگ جدولی Paints for Curbs الجداول

shed color

Code :430

The color of the shed (industrial) Ipak Boyakh
Iron alkyd has been used in the color of Ipak Boyakh sheds, because this paint should protect metals for many years. Among the distinguishing points of this product, we can mention transparent pigments, because in sheds, almost 98% of users use the color The sheds are enough and repainting is not done, therefore, the shed color should be attractive enough for the audience
This color has great power against environmental damage and is produced in 2 modes: matte B and semi-glossy A, and it can also be glossy according to the needs and requests of the customer.
Ipec Boyach color has the possibility of providing shed color in all colors.
  • Solvent: Special oil thinner or suitable solvent
  • Drying time: 2 hours surface and 8 hours full
  • This product can be used with a brush, roller or gun.
  • We hope to witness happy and colorful moments in the lives of all of you dear ones
رنگ سوله الکوات Industrial Shed Paints
With more than 18 years of experience in the production of building and industrial paints, Ipak Boyakh paint company moves in line with the long-term goals of the company, which is to achieve the highest quality and customer satisfaction, using experienced and committed staff.